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Sports Massage


This is a deep, vigorous and toning massage of the body’s main muscle tissues.

Though a series of quick strokes, it can help reduce muscle tension.

It’s particularly recommended to people practicing sports at professional as well as amateur level; in fact, it’s useful:

- during training and just prior to major athletic events by preparing the muscles to sustained effort;
- at the end of any sports event in order to re-oxygenate, drain and relax muscle tissue.

In this centre we provide olystic treatments for the purpose of personal wellness. If you suffer from diseases or pathological conditions it is necessary to seek medical advice. This center's practicioners are not GPs or physiotherapists and do not substitute such professional figures. None of the treatments in this centre are a therapeutic or estethic. It is recommended to consult a doctor prior to undergoing any treatment, in order to ascertain its suitability.

In the interest of clients and practicioners, it is advisable to read the centre's policy, prior to any treatment.

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