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Postural Rebalancing

Raggi® method with Pancafit®

Pancafit® The Raggi® Method is a Global Approach to Postural Rebalancing.
It’s a method that, by analyzing the person as a whole through a careful observation of each parameter signal dysfunction and postural misalignment, targets the physical part of the person using Pancafit®, a tool that acts on the neuro-muscular-fascial chains.

The main features of this method are the global decompensated muscular lengthening and the use of breathing thechinques to unblock the diaphragm.

Differently from the classic stretching, Pancafit® allows muscular lengthening with the correct posture but without compensating effects, i.e. that series of mechanisms that the body triggers in order to escape tensions, pain or discomfort.

With this method, we can obtain better breathing, freer joints, pain relief, improved circulation and overall well-being.

In this centre we provide olystic treatments for the purpose of personal wellness. If you suffer from diseases or pathological conditions it is necessary to seek medical advice. This center's practicioners are not GPs or physiotherapists and do not substitute such professional figures. None of the treatments in this centre are a therapeutic or estethic. It is recommended to consult a doctor prior to undergoing any treatment, in order to ascertain its suitability.

In the interest of clients and practicioners, it is advisable to read the centre's policy, prior to any treatment.

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