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By using different techniques, massages involve the manipulation of connecting and muscle tissue, with the aim to improve their function and recovery, as well as induce relaxation and well being.
Messages are performed with both hands and are delivered by applying pressures, frictions, movements and vibrations.

Main effects from massages:

…on the epidermis

Our skin is the most extensive sensory organ of our body and as such it reacts immediately to the external stimuli triggered by touching. Stroking, caressing, manipulating the nerve-ridden skin, has a beneficial effect on the organ, inducing relaxation, calm and serenity.

...on the muscular system

 as well as inducing relaxation, manipulating muscle tissue can eliminate contractions, often at the origin stiff-necks, back-pains and headaches. It promotes the body's oxygenation and tones up muscle fibers.

...on the blood circulation

 manual stimulation improves the skin's blood irrigation system and leads to a better balance between deep and superficial circulation. This has a decongestant effect on the massaged organs, which benefit from an improved supply of oxygen.

 ...on the lymphatic system

 In addition to blood, another substance circulates in our body: lymph. It's a liquid that runs in a dense network of vessels, regulated by valves, called ganglion. For a variety of reasons, it may occur that such valves do not work properly and the lymph stagnates in the vessels, causing swellings under the skin (also known as oedema). Manual manipulation promotes a better circulation of the lymph and tends to reduce (and at times even eliminate) such accumulation.

...on the internal organs

 According to oriental medicine, our internal organs are strictly related to specific areas of our skin (through reflex points) and to energy lines (meridians). It can therefore be assumed, that through the deep and superficial manipulation of the body, we could also intervene on internal organs, rebalancing their functioning.

The list of treatment of offer is nothing more than a series of strokes aimed at favouring some the above aspects over others.
In other words, in order to maximise the desired result, the choice of a specific treatment will be a function of the effects we wish to obtain.
In this centre we provide olystic treatments for the purpose of personal wellness. If you suffer from diseases or pathological conditions it is necessary to seek medical advice. This center's practicioners are not GPs or physiotherapists and do not substitute such professional figures. None of the treatments in this centre are a therapeutic or estethic. It is recommended to consult a doctor prior to undergoing any treatment, in order to ascertain its suitability.

In the interest of clients and practicioners, it is advisable to read the centre's policy, prior to any treatment.

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